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Crop Cover (Floating Row Cover)


Crop Cover (also referred to as floating row cover, frost blanket or over-wintering) acts as a protective greenhouse and guards against light frosts. For suggestions and more information please see Product Description below.

  • Spun-bonded polypropylene
  • Traps heat
  • Allows water, air, sunlight & soluble fertilizers to pass through
  • Protects against insects & drying winds
  • UV stabilized
0.9 oz/sy (30 gm) 0.5 oz/sy (17 gm) 1.5 oz/sy (50 gm)
70% Light Transmission 85% Light Transmission 55% Light Transmission
Protects Down to 26°F Protects Down to 28°F Protects Down to 24°F
2 Year Life Expectancy 1 Year Life Expectancy 2 Year Life Expectancy

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SizeWeightSKUPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
3′x25′Medium00184$8.39In Stock
3′x50′Medium00185$12.29In Stock
3′x100′Medium00186$19.99In Stock
4'x50'Medium00210$16.42In Stock
6′x25′Medium00187$12.89In Stock
6′x50′Medium00188$21.59In Stock
6′x100′Medium00189$39.99In Stock
10'x12'Medium00211$10.69In Stock
10'x25'Medium00193$13.06In Stock
3′x500′MediumCM3500$74.69In Stock
4'x500'MediumCM4500$98.89In Stock
*6′x500′MediumCM6500$148.29Out of Stock
10'x12'Light00448$8.69In stock
*6′x500′LightCL06$99.39Out of Stock
6'x50'Light00449$9.99In Stock
*10'6"x500'LightCL10$173.89Out of Stock
10'x12'Cold Snap00215$13.79In Stock
*12'x250'Cold SnapCS12250$184.69Out of Stock

Crop Cover (also referred to as floating row cover, frost blanket or over-wintering) acts as a protective greenhouse by trapping heat and guarding against light frosts. Made from spun bond polypropylene, it allows water, air, sunlight and soluble fertilizers to pass through. Because of its permeability, it vents air and excess moisture leading to increased plant growth. It also protects against insects and drying winds.

Extended Growing Season


Crop Cover can extend the growing season by 2-3 months in colder climates. In mild to moderate climates it can allow for year long growing. When installed correctly it can also protects against bugs and pests.

For information on choosing the right weight for your climate, please see our October 2014 Newsletter. Sign-up for our Newsletter today to receive helpful gardening tips, recipes and more!

Installation Instructions

Simply drape over plants. Edges should be lightly covered with soil or weighted down to protect against garden pests and to prevent wind mishaps. Can also be used for winter wrapping shrubs and small trees.

Note: Remove cover for pollination on flowering plants.

Please see Woven Ground CoverNatural Burlap and/or Shrub Wrap for products with similar applications.

For discounted Crop Cover, please see Crop Cover Odds & Ends.


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3′x25′, 3′x50′, 3′x100′, 6′x25′, 6′x50′, 6′x100′, 12′x25′, 3′x500′, 4'x500', *6′x500′, 6'x50', *10'6"x500', 4'x50', 10'x12', *12'x500', 12'x10', *12'x250', *50' x 500', 10'x25'


Medium, Light, Cold Snap

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