Anchor Stakes


Anchor Stakes secure wiring, such as Poly Line or Agro-Line, to the ground. For recommendations and more information, please see Product Description below.

  • 15″
  • 1/2” central hole
  • 1″ overhanging top

Please see Poly Line, Agro-Line and Poly Line Tensioners to create a full anchoring system.

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Anchor Stakes

anchor-stakesAnchor Stakes are specifically designed to be used for securing wiring, such as Poly Line or Agro-Line to the ground. The top of our Anchor Stakes have a 1″ overhang which can be used to secure the line after tightening. There is also a 1/2″ hole just below the top that line can be strung through. It can be used for both fastening and tightening. See actual size photo to the right for a visual. With a length of 15″, Anchor Stakes are reliably strong and durable. They are easily used, reused and stored with no damage to the product.

Trellis System Using Anchor Stakes:

trellis-sytemUse Anchor Stakes in conjunction with Trellis NettingPoly Line/Agro-Line and Poly Line Tensioners for a complete trellis system. Fasten Poly Line or Agro-Line between two posts, weaving the line through your netting as you go. Secure it to the ground using Anchor Stakes and Poly Line Tensioners.. Plant 2-3 inches from the outside base of the netting. See illustration below for a visual of the end product.

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